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Caricature Artists - In Memoriam

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About This Slideshow 

This slideshow features deceased caricature artists who made a major contribution to the art. The artists are listed chronologically by date of birth (except for title image). Each image has a caption with image credits and links to resources.

The preferred images used to represent the caricaturists are examples of their work. If no work examples are available then photos or caricatures of the artists are used. - DonkeyHotey

Other Caricaturists

Other artists will be added in time. I will include these great caricature artists if appropriate images become available:
Al HirschfeldEdmund S. ValtmanDavid Levine, and George Wachsteter.


Extended posts about important caricature artists.

Honoré Daumier
Thomas Nast


Short biographies of important caricaturists