The above slideshow features cartoons and caricatures by DonkeyHotey. Click any image to view credits on Flickr.

Caricatures and Cartoons to Illustrate Opinions

DonkeyHotey caricatures and cartoons are used by many writers and websites to illustrate news articles and opinion pieces posted online.  My current work is a combination of caricature, photo collage and photo manipulation. I got interested in "remix" culture back when that was a thing. During the Bush administration I was compelled to comment on events through my artwork and have continued since. Think of my caricatures as the "Picture of Dorian Gray" painting of my subjects hidden in a dark closet, or perhaps a vision of the subject from the Uncanny Valley

Many Websites have used DonkeyHotey Caricatures and Cartoons

Since 2010, I have been posting caricatures on Flickr under Creative Commons License. The DonkeyHotey Flickr photostream has had over 17 million views.  DonkeyHotey caricatures and cartoons have been published over 2,900 times on sites including: AlternetBoing BoingBuzzFeedCampaign for America’s FutureCBS MoneyWatchCommon Dreams, Crooks and Liars, The Daily DotDaily KosEclectablogForbes, The Good Men ProjectThe Guardian, The Huffington PostIn These TimesIPS,The Jimmy Dore ShowKiko's House,  Like the DewMother Jones, The Motley FoolNeon Tommy,  New Civil Rights MovementNewsHoundsOther Words, patheos,  The ProgressiveTruthdig, Truth-out, ViceWhoWhatWhy, Wired and many more. For a few years I documented use of my work  in simple form on my WordPress site. Now I simply track uses of my work with Delicious bookmarks. The work has been featured in articles on Life of the Law by Stephanie Schroeder, The Daily Dot by Fernando Alfonso III, and on Bloomberg by Dave Weigel.

Custom work and adaptations

People have used DonkeyHotey caricatures for books, magazines and websites including How the Hell Did This Happen?: The Election of 2016 by P. J. O'Rourke, Your Country Is Just Not That Into You by Jimmy Dore (eight caricatures inside),, Eclectablog, Kiko's House, Utne Reader, and  Ayn Rand Hates Tuscaloosa, And You Too Joplin! I did some work with a 3D real-time animation shop, CHOPS. My goal is not to do a lot of commission work unless it is in my wheelhouse. I enjoy doing political caricatures and political cartoons. I am not really interested in doing caricatures of random individuals. It is fun working as part of an editorial team commenting on the issues of the day and the people in the news. 

Image Editing for WhoWhatWhy

Since 2o15, I have served as Image Editor for WhoWhatWhy, sourcing and editing most of the images. WhoWhatWhy is a non-profit investigative jounalism organization. This work involves reading every article, listening to each podcast, watching every video and then sourcing images in Creative Commons and the public domain to illustrate the story and preparing them for publication with captions and metadata. Occasionally we will purchase an image from a service. I have also produced a weekly editorial cartoon to illustrate editorials written for WhoWhatWhy by Klaus Marre.

The editorial cartoons above are a sample of DonkeyHotey cartoons published on WhoWhatWhy. Click individual cartoons to see the full size image and read the editorial or click here to see all DonkeyHotey cartoons on WhoWhatWhy.  In addition to doing a weekly cartoon and sourcing most of the images on WhoWhatWhy, I also create custom graphics, remixed from copyright appropriate sources, if the right photo or illustration cannot be found.