Honoré Daumier - Quotes about Honoré Daumier (part 5)

In Promenades of an Impressionist, James Huneker quotes Honoré de Balzac as saying,

“There is something of the Michelangelo in this man.” - page 204


Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, a painting by Honoré Daumier created circa 1868. PD Source: Wikimedia Commons

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, a painting by Honoré Daumier created circa 1868. PD Source: Wikimedia Commons

In Baudelaire and Caricature Michele Hannoosh points to a quote by Charles Baudelaire from an article titled “Some French Caricaturists” that ran in L'Artiste in 1858. Of Daumier he writes: 


“...one of the most important men, I will not say only of caricature, but also of modern art.” - page 88

Atherton Curtis wrote in Some Masters Of Lithography

"In studying Daumier's work it is well to bear in mind that the vast majority of his three thousand seven hundred lithographs were done for the purpose of earning a living, and that he not only disliked lithography, but that caricature itself was distasteful to him. His one ambition in life was to be a painter, but poverty compelled him to turn his genius to other things." - page 75
"Daumier is beyond all doubt the greatest caricaturist that lithography has produced; perhaps it is not too much to say the greatest that any art has produced." - page 80  
"Daumier reviewed in his lithographs almost all the passing events and fashions of his day, such as the comet which was to destroy the world in 1857; the various laws, with their effects on different people; crinolines, a never failing source of amusement to the caricaturists of the period; the influenza, magnetism, spiritualism, with all its absurdities of table-tipping; besides which he ridiculed all grades of society and all kinds of people - the rich, the poor, the middle classes, butchers, cab drivers, porters, artists, lawyers, judges, criminals, proprietors of houses and their tenants, amateur actors; in short no one escaped his raillery." - page 84

In Honoré Daumier: Appreciations of His Life and Works Duncan Phillips writes:

"Of the Old Masters only Michael Angelo surpassed him in giving to abstract thought plastic expression." - page 13

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